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Digital Receipts

It happens to the best of us. We buy stuff. We cram receipt after receipt into our wallets. Soon, those wallets are stuffed full. You can clean up that mess with our digital receipt storage solution.

Say goodbye to the receipt chaos

With AbbyBank's Digital Receipts, you can keep all your receipts in check, minus the chaos of crumpled paper in your wallet or envelopes bursting at the seams. It's the clever solution for our Personal and Business Mobile Banking users - an organized, secure, and stress-free way to stay on top of receipts, manage expenses, and reconcile those statements. Your wallet will thank you!

Secure Storage

Turn your phone into a receipt scanner
Capture any receipt, anywhere - just take a photo or forward your email receipts. Your receipts and tax-compliant images will be securely stored online in the cloud.

Data Conversion

Automatically extract the details
Transform your receipt images into categorized data. Export receipt details into expense reports, spreadsheets, or PDF's.

Powerful Organization

File expenses with ease
Choose how to categorize your receipts, whether it's for kids' expenses, home improvements or business-related transactions. Add notes and tags to your expenses and search for them as needed. With the ability to designate receipts as either personal or business-related, digital receipts provides functionality for both personal and business financial needs.

Automatic Reconciliation

Superpowers at your fingertips
Receipts link to your card transactions and break the transaction out into SKU-level items so you can see exactly what was bought and not just how much you spent.

Get Started!

You must be an AbbyBank customer and have eBanking and Mobile Banking before you can utilize Digital Receipts. Login to your AbbyBank Mobile Banking app. Choose the "More" option and then "Receipts" in the menu options. Once you are in, you can capture and store receipts, tag expenses, extract data and so much more! Don't forget to create a dedicated email This allows you to email digital receipts directly to your app!
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Common Questions

Digital receipts are an electronic version of a paper receipt or an electronic receipt sent to your email. You can capture receipt images to securely store, manage and create a more convenient way of finding your receipts. Digital Receipts can also be used for tracking business receipts and expenses. This can help manage your expense reports and budgets. The receipt images and key information are extracted and securely stored to give you full visibility into expense details helping you to be audit-ready!
You can manage receipts online for seven years. Three years are stored in your mobile banking app with the other four years being store in the archive.

There are two ways to capture receipt images into the digital receipt tool. After you have downloaded the AbbyBank mobile banking app, you can capture a paper receipt image using the camera on your phone by opening the mobile banking app and selecting ‘Receipts’ from the ‘More’ menu. You can choose the receipt as a Personal or Business expense, add notes, and file it in a customized folder. The other option is to have a merchant email you the receipt to your personalized email. This automatically creates an alert that the receipt is in your AbbyBank mobile banking app for you to select Personal or Business expense, add notes and/or file into a folder.
Note: Your mobile devices might ask if AbbyBank can access your photos. You will need to select ‘yes’ to proceed.

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