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Who We Are

Discover the essence of our institution, values, and commitment in the heart of 'Who We Are'.

Our Mission

Be the most highly recommended community bank.

Our Vision

Fiercely independent, full service financial institution that supports the customers and communities where we do business.
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Our Core Values

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Always exceed expectations by delivering a consistent, quality customer experience through both traditional and digital channels.
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Remain an employer of choice by supporting, empowering and providing our staff with meaningful career opportunities.
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Support our communities by encouraging relevant time and financial investments.
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Be forward-thinking,
open-minded, professional community bankers that demand the ethics of honesty, integrity and confidentiality.


In 1968, the Abbotsford State Bank was founded to provide independent and community-based financial services. Our commitment to supporting our community has never changed throughout our renovation projects, expansion to new cities, name change and overall growth.
Through our community outreach and our AbbyBank Charitable Foundation, AbbyBank contributes to many community projects. We encourage our employees to be active in the community and have formed a strong partnership with many local school districts, community organizations and nonprofit organizations.
Not only are we proud supporters of the communities we serve, but also of the strength of our bank. Historically, we've always been a conservative bank. That has afforded us to weather financial storms throughout time and remain safe and sound. Our unwavering commitment to growing as a quality community bank and offering opportunities for our employees and customers is still present. We value human connection above all else and give our customers a unique customer experience that allows us to build strong relationships.
Whether you are an individual, business, agribusiness, non-profit or municipality, we can offer our bank's strength, commitment to our communities and experienced and knowledgeable staff to make banking easy for you.

AbbyBank Timeline

March 1, 1968 - Abbotsford State Bank opens for business on the corner of Highway 29 and Highway 13 in Abbotsford, WI.
July 31, 1980 - Abbotsford State Bank adds onto the east side of the original building.
February 28, 1986 - Abbotsford State Bank creates The Abbotsford Story, Inc. to serve as the bank's foundation to local communities with civic, educational and growth needs.
March 1, 1986 - Abbotsford State Bank adds a second floor onto the building.
January 9, 1993 - Abbotsford State Bank named the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year.
1995 - Abbotsford State Bank was named as a charter member to the Abbotsford School District Wall of Fame as a Friend of Abbotsford Education.
April 4, 1996 - Abbotsford State Bank reaches $100 million in assets.
August 3, 1998 - Abbotsford State Bank has grand opening of the new Wausau Location at 2100 Stewart Avenue Suite 100.
November 17, 2003 - Abbotsford State Bank changes name to AbbyBank. This name change recognizes the roots of origination while still showing commitment to all the communities served.
January 16, 2006 - AbbyBank builds a new location at 2405 Schofield Avenue in Weston WI.
February 4, 2013 - AbbyBank moves the Wausau location to the AbbyBank building at 305 S. 18th Avenue in Wausau WI.
September 1, 2016 - AbbyBank completes the transaction with Fidelity National Bank adding two new locations in Medford and Appleton.
October 31, 2018 - AbbyBank reaches $500 million in assets.
October 28, 2019 - AbbyBank completes the transaction with State Bank, increasing our total locations to seven and adding Gresham and Shawano to our footprint.

March 3, 2020 - AbbyBank unveils their charitable foundation's new name, the AbbyBank Foundation.
January 2024 - Opened a location in Withee in a building with rich banking history, increasing our footprint to a total of eight locations. 

AbbyBank is a full-service financial institution with Wisconsin locations in Abbotsford, Appleton, Gresham, Medford, Shawano, Wausau, Weston and Withee.