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People Pay 

Splitting the dinner bill, concert tickets, birthday gift, or rent? With AbbyBank's People Pay, moving money between two bank accounts has never been easier. 

This convenient feature makes paying your landlord, piano teacher, babysitter, or relative more secure, convenient, and faster than sending a check. People Pay (P2P) payments are available on desktop and your mobile device, giving you the freedom to pay a person¹ from anywhere fee free!

Move money quickly with just a recipient’s mobile phone number or email address and a few clicks of the button!

We've removed the need to exchange account numbers. The recipient can claim the payment once they receive a link to log in to a protected site.

Send money to anyone you choose, no matter where they bank! Recipients don’t need to be enrolled in People Pay to receive payment.

¹You must be at least 18 years of age and enrolled in eBanking before you can get started with People Pay (P2P) payments.

Person-to-person payments, also known as P2P, are electronic payments between two accounts, even if one of those accounts is not yours. You can send money online and receive money online without having to exchange banking information – all you need is an email address or mobile phone number. AbbyBank offers People Pay through your online banking and mobile banking app. Pay a friend or send money to a family member, landlord, babysitter or anyone using our free, secure and convenient platform.

It’s free, easy and convenient to pay a friend online using People Pay. All you need is an AbbyBank online banking account. Once logged into your online banking or mobile banking app, choose ‘People Pay’. Then you can choose to send money through an email, mobile phone number or deposit directly into the recipient’s bank account.

How it works is simple. You can pay anyone directly from your AbbyBank online banking or mobile app without writing out a check. Create a payee, determine how you want to send the funds by using the recipient’s email address, cell phone number or deposit directly into their bank account and submit the transaction. Sending money to a friend, family member or landlord using AbbyBank’s People Pay, does require the sender to have an AbbyBank checking account. The receiver of the funds does not need to be an AbbyBank customer. Sending and receiving money through People Pay is free!

People Pay is a safe way to send money. We’ve removed the need to exchange banking information - giving you peace of mind. The recipient can claim the payment once they receive an email link to log in to a protected site where they can input their information to retrieve the payment.