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AbbyBank Debit and HSA Card Controls

Have you ever lost your debit card for a day or even just a moment? Many of us have a lost wallet story. At AbbyBank, we know how easily it can happen and how scary it can be! Wouldn't it be great if you could turn your debit card on or off as needed 24/7? Now the power to protect your debit card is in your hands!

Full control of your eligible cards and peace of mind is just a few taps away on your mobile device with Card Controls. You can also use this feature to set transaction limits to help you stay on budget, define your regions where your card can be used when traveling and receive real-time push notification alerts when your debit card is used with or without your permission.

on and off buttons Turn Your Card On/Off Instantly

Flip the switch anytime.

Immediately turn your debit card off if it's been lost, misplaced, or stolen. If you find it again, turn it back on just as quickly. 

map pin icon for location Set Location Controls

Limit card usage by locations. 

Block international transactions or create up to three geographic regions where your card can be used to prevent fraud outside of your normal location. 

bell ringing for alerts  Receive Real-Time Alerts

Know when your card is used.

Real-time push notifications alert you when your card is used. Be alerted to all transactions or customize the alert preferences by category that you want to receive. 

shop or storefront merchant icon  Merchant & Transaction Controls

Customize where and how you shop.

Set the transaction and merchant types you normally shop and then disable the ones you don't use as much. Immediately enable or disable different types at any time. 

pie chart with dollar sign symbol for spending and budgeting  Set Spend Limits

Stay on budget. 

Limit the transaction amount your debit card can be used for, to prevent overspending. You'll be alerted when a transaction above the limit is declined.

Get Started!

Card Controls is a complimentary feature that works inside your Personal AbbyBank Mobile Banking app. Simply login to the mobile banking app, choose the 'more' option in the submenu at the bottom, then choose 'Card Controls'. 

group of three phones all showing different AbbyBank Card Controls screens

Debit Card Controls allows you to have control of your debit card(s) on your mobile device. You can choose how, when and where your debit card is used and you can create push notifications to alert you when your card is used with or without your permission. You have the option to set transaction limits, specific merchant types where your card can be used and create geographically spending areas when traveling. 
It is important that you view your account activity often. Create budgets, track spending and know your spending limits. You can manage and monitor your budget inside our PFM tool. There are free alerts available in AbbyBank's eBanking service as well. If you are traveling and plan to use your debit card, make sure to use Card Controls to allow spending in the area you will be traveling to. 
Keep your debit card safe by utilizing AbbyBanks's Card Controls. This will allow you to turn your card on or off in real-time if needed. Also, choose a PIN number that is private to you but be sure to memorize it. You never want to write your PIN number down where someone could use it to withdraw funds from your account. If you feel like your PIN has been compromised, never hesitate to contact a friendly Personal Banker for help.