Introducing the Bright Future Checking Account

At a time when financial literacy is more important than ever, we are proud to announce the launch of our Bright Future Checking Account. This innovative new product is designed specifically for middle and high school students and is aimed at helping young people develop good money management skills and a healthy relationship with money.
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A new way to teach financial responsibility to children and teens

Why is a checking account with a debit card important for kids and teens?
Giving a child a checking account with a debit card is an excellent way to help them understand the value of money, budgeting, and saving. By giving them a safe and controlled environment to manage their money, they can learn how to make sound financial decisions and build good habits that will serve them well into adulthood.

Free Checking Account for Kids and Teens
The Bright Future Checking Account is a free checking account for kids and teens (under the age of 18) that is designed to grow with your child and encourage financial responsibility. This account is held jointly with an adult, giving independence for kids and control for parents. Parents have full access to the account to monitor spending and debit card activity, and through online and mobile banking, they can transfer funds, pay bills, check balances, and more.

Growing with Your Child
When your child turns 18, their Bright Future Checking account will automatically convert to an eChecking account with all the same great features. This ensures a seamless transition from their childhood years to adulthood, and they can continue to benefit from a safe and controlled environment to manage their money.

No Maintenance Fees or Minimum Balance Requirements
There are no maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements associated with the Bright Future Checking Account, making it a great option for families with limited resources. Plus, your child will receive a bonus that will be credited to the account after their first deposit, providing them with a positive start to their financial journey.

Encouraging Financial Responsibility
Through online and mobile banking, you and your child have access to transfer funds, pay people or bills, check balances, and so much more. With the ability to set alerts, limit spending, and monitor debit card activity, parents can ensure that their child is using their account responsibly.
The Bright Future Checking Account is a fantastic way to teach children and teens about money management and encourage financial responsibility. With no fees or minimum balance requirements, it is an affordable option for families and provides a safe and controlled environment for kids to learn about money. Contact a friendly Personal Banker to open a Bright Future Checking Account today and help your child build a bright financial future!