Stay Safe While Online Christmas Shopping

With the holidays right around the corner and online shopping more popular this year than ever before, it’s important to keep online safety measures in mind. To avoid issues like identity theft, hacking and financial fraud, check out these important online safety tips.
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Always Ship to a Safe Place

Don’t be a victim of porch thieves who steal packages from doorsteps. Make sure someone is home when your package is delivered so it’s not sitting outside for too long. If you won’t be home over the expected delivery date, ship your items to your office or a family member’s house. 

Make Sure the Retailer is Who They Say They Are

Some online retailers claim to be selling all the products you want for cheap, but in reality, they just want your credit card information. It’s never a great idea to buy from an unfamiliar retailer, but if you do, make sure you do your research beforehand. Check out customer reviews and consumer feedback first.  

Is It Too Good to Be True?

There are always those exciting moments while online shopping when you think you found exactly what you need at the lowest price you’ve ever seen. If the deal seems way too good to be true, there’s a good chance it is. It’s better to spend a little more through a trusted retailer than to give your personal information to an unfamiliar site. 

Beware of Public Wi-Fi

Using free public Wi-Fi is a dangerous game when you’re online shopping. The public airwaves allow hackers to potentially intercept the data you’re sending online, such as your credit card info, name and address. Only make purchases when connected to a trusted, secure Wi-Fi network. 

Don’t Overshare 

Some customers have run into situations where a shopping website asks for personal information beyond what’s necessary, such as a social security number. No retailer will ever ask you for your SSN, so if you run into that problem, close the browser and find a more reliable website to purchase from. 

Check Your Bank Account 

Depending on how crazy you go with your online purchases this year, your bank or credit card statements might be a little longer than normal. Make sure you still go through and check for any fraudulent charges so that they don’t get lost in the other purchases. Our eBanking and mobile banking are great options to monitor the purchases as they occur, so that you can catch any potential fraudulent charges quicker and easier. 
AbbyBank wishes you the happiest of holidays and we hope your online shopping experience goes smoothly with the help of this information. Contact us to learn more about the financial services we offer!