Spring Clean Your Finances

Its Spring! With the new season comes a new energy and attitude which we want to take full advantage of! Over the last year and this winter, it’s been easy to get into a financial rut or overspend on subscriptions which is why it’s time to purge your finances. Keep reading to see our top tips to help you spring clean your finances!
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Sweep Away Subscriptions

You’ve heard this before, but it becomes easy for subscriptions to build up over time. Maybe you’ve accumulated multiple streaming services but now things are picking up, so you don’t need them all. You could have been offered a free trial that has turned into an actual subscription now or you may have signed up for a monthly plan that charges you for something you could buy yourself for cheaper at the store – all of these are good to cancel and help lessen your monthly expenditures. We have a free personal financial management (PFM) tool that keeps track of your subscriptions all in one place!

Revisit Your Budget 

Has your budget taken a backseat lately? It’s time to dust off that budget and take a look at your expenses each month. See what it looks like after canceling a few subscriptions and get back into the routine of following it. Our PFM tool in our mobile banking app can help you track what you spend to allow you an easier way to stay on top of things, as well as create goals and budgets. 

Deep Clean Debt 

Now is the time to look at your different debts such as credit cards, mortgage, student loans, etc. See what seems the most practical to work on paying off first. Your credit card may be the best place to start – while still making minimum payments on other debts, pay a little extra if you can afford it to your smallest debt. Once that’s paid off, continue doing the same for the next debt. Our PFM tool helps you pay down debt faster with the debt tool.

Declutter Old Accounts 

You or a significant other may have an old 401k or HSA from a past job. Be sure to get everything transferred into a new account, so you are actually being proactive with that money. You may also have an old savings account from a different bank that you need to switch over. All of these items are important to keep track of and get moved and closed. 

Restore Your Retirement 

Even though retirement may be far away, it’s important to save for that now. Open a retirement account such as a 401k with your company, as well as a CD or IRA with your bank. Just think about not working once you’re older and all the expenses you’ll still need to pay for – that money you start saving now will come in handy then. 

Tidy Up the Emergency Fund 

You may have dipped into your emergency fund over the past year, so be sure to work on building that back up. Open a savings account with us to store your money so it’s ready when you need it most. When you are creating your budget in our Personal Finance tool, you’ll see how much money you can afford to put away in your emergency fund each month. 
We hope these tips give you a few things to focus on this season, so you can get back on track with your finances. If you need a safe place to store your money, build retirement or take out a loan, AbbyBank is here to help!