How Do I Trim My Wedding Budget?

Planning a wedding is such an exciting experience, but your wedding budget is just one of the many stress factors that come with it. We can offer some simple steps for trimming down your wedding budget and making your big day as stress-free as possible!
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Pick a Less-Expensive Day

Wait… does the day you get married actually influence how much you spend? Yes! Some days are generally more popular for weddings, so venues will charge you more. Saturday weddings are most popular, meaning they’re generally more expensive. If you’re looking to save some big bucks on your wedding, do some research and talk to your venue to find a less popular wedding day.


Although some things are probably better made by a professional, like your dress, there are multiple things you can do yourself. The most common things to DIY are your invitations. The average cost of wedding invitations is as high as $400-$600. Cut off a big chunk of that by designing them online and printing them yourself. You can spruce up the invitations with things like ribbon, beads or even watercolor paint. Plus, decorating your own invitations means each one will be unique in their own way!

Limit Your Guests

If you’re serious about trimming your wedding budget, don’t invite everyone you know. Smaller weddings aren’t for everyone, but they’ll definitely save you money. Sometimes weddings are even more special when only your close friends and loved ones are there! Recent surveys also suggest that smaller weddings are becoming more popular than large weddings.

Borrow from Others

Your already married friends and family members remember how expensive weddings cost and would probably be happy to let you borrow things. Centerpieces and other decorations are great for reusing, especially since they’re most likely in nearly perfect condition. You could also ask your fellow brides if they have accessories you could borrow. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hairpieces and other accessories are great for reusing. Plus, you’d already have your “something borrowed” figured out!

Dress Up a Simple Cake

You don’t need an extravagant, expensive cake to satisfy your guests. Matter of fact, they most likely would never know the difference between a pricey cake and a less-expensive, store-bought cake. Don’t underestimate cakes from grocery store bakeries! Purchase a simple, cheaper cake and dress it up with flowers, frosting and even a cake-topper.
Your wedding day is an unforgettable experience and we are happy to help you make it special and less expensive at the same time. For a place to store your wedding savings, open up a savings account from AbbyBank.