Home Gym Equipment that Won’t Break the Bank

Many people avoid going to the gym because of membership fees, but at-home workouts can be just as effective. You don’t always need your own squat rack and stair stepper to meet your fitness goals – with this budget-friendly gym equipment, you’ll be saving hundreds while still staying active in the comfort of your home.
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Resistance Bands 

These lightweight and flexible bands are the perfect equipment for those on a budget. They come with different forms of resistances of light, medium and heavy, allowing you to do a variety of workouts and movements. Common resistance band exercises include, but are not limited to: bicep curls, squats, lateral slides, donkey kicks, seated rows. 

Yoga Mat 

While this purchase isn’t a hardcore piece of workout equipment, it allows you to do exercises virtually anywhere. Take your yoga mat to the backyard and do planks, pushups and more without worrying about the wet, rocky or uncomfortable ground. 


Purchasing some dumbbells provides you with some staple workout equipment that will last and be extremely useful. These are simple to incorporate into any exercise and can help build up your overall body strength. Depending on the brand and weight, these range in price, but dumbbells are one kind of workout equipment that will last you decades. 

Medicine Ball 

Purchasing just one or two medicine balls, will add extra weight to your ab exercises for better results. These weighted balls are usually around the size of a basketball and are easy to grip, making them a great addition to your home gym equipment. 

Flat Bench 

A workout bench is a multi-use piece of equipment that can be used for cardio, weight, aerobics and more. You can use it for basic exercises, like dumbbell chest press or rows, but it’s also great for jumping and stepping. Flat benches range in price depending on the brand and the bench’s features. 

Multipurpose equipment like the ones mentioned above are just what you need for effective at-home workouts. If you’re looking to save some money, skip the high-tech machines and choose these affordable and beneficial items. With the money you’ll save, consider starting a Savings account with AbbyBank!