Budget-Friendly Fun for Kids

Finding activities for you to do with your kids, or have them do on their own, can be a challenge. It’s great to get them active and not just sitting on the couch, but at this point, you’re out of ideas. We have crafted the perfect list of kid-friendly things to do while also making sure it won’t break the bank!
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Movie Marathon

If it’s chilly outside and the kids are looking to wind down, a movie marathon isn’t a bad idea! Make a theme of it, so you can make themed snacks to go with the movies you decide to watch.

Hands-On at Home Depot

Home Depot offers kids workshops which are perfect if you’re looking to entertain them. Home Depot says, “Kids workshops provide a lively environment mixing skill-building, creativity, and safety for future DIYers.” Find one near you.

Rockin’ Roller Skating

Roller skating is a cheap activity you can do indoors or out! Find a rink close to you to take your kids and their friends too.

DIY Arts & Crafts

There are thousands of articles online that offer fun DIY craft ideas for kids of any age. For example, here are some great fall crafts you can make for cheap!

Scavenger Hunt

Throw a scavenger hunt and have the kids searching around the house all day long for your hidden goodies. Buying dollar prizes to hide here and there will keep them engaged and ready to search for more!

Money Lessons

When at home with your kiddos, you have the perfect chance to teach them about money. Talk about saving to start and get them their own piggy bank to begin the process.

Make Your Own Fun

Playdough, goop, shaving cream counter art and so on are all fun, messy items that kids can create and play with for hours. Keep them in the kitchen while you’re doing dishes or cooking by letting them create their own playdough with this recipe.

Board Games

Teaching your child how to play chess or checkers is a great way to spend time with them without spending money. There are plenty of other board games you can play too, but chess is a great game that teaches thinking ahead and skill – so try it out!


Puppet show, magic show, fashion show – you name it! Let your children entertain you or just themselves while hosting their own show.

Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course around the house for your kids to burn off energy. The floor is lava, so they have to climb all the chairs and items you put in place to make it across the room!
We hope your kiddos enjoy a few of these activities! Open a savings account with us to place some of that extra money you will be saving using these great ideas or open one for your child so they can start saving too.