5 Ways Your Kids Can Earn Money

Are your kids ready to start earning money for themselves? As a parent, it can be worrisome trying to find a good first-time work environment for your son or daughter. Good news! There are many great ways for your kids to make some extra cash – even your younger kids!
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1. Babysitting

Once your kid is old enough, he or she might be interested in taking care of younger kids. Sometimes the best way for someone to “practice” babysitting is by having them watch their siblings or relatives for a short amount of time. Once they get comfortable and responsible enough, they could start making money from it. Babysitting is a great and enjoyable way for reliable kids to make some money.

2. Lemonade Stand

If your son or daughter is too young to be working on their own and only want to make money for fun, a lemonade stand could be a nice summer activity to keep them occupied. Selling lemonade might not leave them with big bucks, but it’s a great way to introduce your child to what a job might be like, how to interact with customers and the basics of money management. Create a plan for the money earned and help your child stick to the plan.

3. Mowing Lawns

There are always people looking for others to mow their lawn. This is perfect for your independent and outdoorsy child who’s looking for a summer job. Your kids could mow lawns on their own, and if they really enjoy it, they could upgrade their equipment from a push mower to a riding mower. This is a job that can be started when they are young and continue upgrading throughout high school.

4. Run Errands

The lives of adults can become pretty hectic, leaving little time for trips to the grocery store. An easy and enjoyable job for one of your 16+ kids could be running errands for others. Although not many people are actively looking for someone to run errands for them, it’s something many adults would be on board with if someone asked. If someone you know lives an extremely busy life or could use the extra help, have your son or daughter reach out and ask them if they can do anything to assist them.

5. Coaching

If your teen enjoys sports and is looking for a way to make some money, coaching might be the job for them. Lots of little league or YMCA teams need coaches for young kids’ soccer, baseball or football teams. This also teaches your teenager great leadership skills!
Having a job at an early age will provide your child with many valuable life lessons like communication, responsibility and hard work. Open a savings account for your child, so they can store their hard-earned money!