5 Hacks for Holiday Saving

The holidays are upon us and that means more money will be spent! However, be careful not to go too far outside of your budget. AbbyBank has compiled our favorite holiday savings hacks to help you keep more money in your pocket this season.
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Avoid Extras

When buying food for the holidays or gifts for others, it can be easy to treat yourself and get something too. Avoid buying extra items, like that latte or new pair of shoes, and begin being a super saver. Make a list of what you need when you go shopping and stick to it! Work on self-control each week when going to work to be sure you aren’t shopping during your lunch break.

Change Traditions

Instead of the tradition of giving everyone gifts in your family or being the one to make the entire meal, change it up! Start a secret Santa tradition, so you only buy one gift, or play a Christmas gift exchange game. Make your holiday meals more of a potluck, so others can bring a dish to pass. This will save you from having to spend money on an entire meal. You can even make a contest for the best side dish and your guest can vote for their favorite.

Make a Shopping List (And Check It Twice)

Don’t be naughty and stray from your list. Making a list is more valuable than you think. Keep your eye on the prize of what you need, so you aren’t walking aimlessly down the aisles filling your cart. From the moment you walk in the store, potential gifts pull at your senses and vie for your attention and dollars. Your list will help keep that in check!

Get Crafty

Instead of buying all your gifts, make one! Your niece will love the tie blanket or quilt you made her. There are also tons of jar recipes that you can make for people of any age. You could create a hot chocolate mix, cake in a cup and so on. Now that the Cricut has become more popular, if you have one, you can make your friends and family their own personalized gifts!

Use Technology

Time and time again, technology continues to impress us! There are so many budgeting apps and spending trackers out there to help you with your finances. It may take a month to get into the swing of things, but if you stick with it, your savings will be sure to skyrocket!
Happy Holidays! Enjoy them a little more by knowing you’re sticking to your budget. AbbyBank offers a Holiday Savings account to help keep you on track for the next holiday.