Sweeps (Automatic Transfer Service)

Automate your money management with AbbyBank's Sweeps1 and put it to best use possible. Sweeping funds from a no-interest checking account into an interest-earning savings or to pay down debt is the money management game-changer you've been looking for. 

Commercial Line of Credit Sweep

Speed up the process of paying down your debt by sweeping excess cash from your checking account automatically. When funds are needed in your checking account, it will sweep back from your line of credit2.

  • You choose a checking target balance and sweep increments when the sweep is set up
  • Reduce interest expenses on your line of credit 

Savings/Money Market Sweep

Earn while you save by sweeping excess funds from your checking account to your savings or money market account, then back to checking when it falls below the target balance3.

  • Extra funds earn interest
  • Determine a checking target balance and sweep increments when the sweep is set up

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Track activities such as payroll, petty cash, or authorized disbursements to simplify business accounting, saving time and money. This account is established with a zero balance and funds sweep from the primary operating account as items clear the Zero Balance Account¹. 

  • Transfer excess funds into high interest account
  • Organizes payments and simplify payroll process
  • Save time and money

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Other Cash Management Services Offered

1Fees may apply
2All loans are subject to credit approval
3Certain account types have transaction limitations; please speak to a Business Banker to determine whether transaction limitations apply.
4Subject to approval