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You work hard for your farm, let us work hard for you! 

AbbyBank has proudly supported farms and agribusinesses since 1968. After all, agriculture is the backbone of our economy!

We have been through it all with our customers. From the increase in crop yield and milk production with the use of new technology, to fluctuating milk and fuel prices. Your hard work affects each of us, which is why our ag bankers spend time in the fields or barns with our customers to help ensure they are able to maintain their operations. 

We know that livestock technology can enhance or improve the productivity and welfare of your animals. We also know that with the right technology, you can maximize yields by controlling moisture levels, pests, and soil conditions. This can offer you more accurate techniques for planting and growing crops.

If you are looking to be more efficient and automate your crop or livestock production cycle, we have the knowledgeable lenders and financing available to help you maintain your way of life.  

In 2021, we helped agribusiness customers with over $90M in loans for expansions & equipment.

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