For over 50 years our purpose has been providing independent, community based financial services which ensure safe and secure banking for our customers. We are continuing to make sound investments in employees and technology which enhance our customers' efficiencies and help them save time and money. To show our strength and commitment to our communities we serve, here are our most recent Annual Reports for you to view. Click on the annual report year you would like to view below.
                                          2019 annual report image                      Front page image of the 2018 annual report               2017 Annual Report Image
                                          2019 Annual Report                               2018 Annual Report                         2017 Annual Report
It's not just about banking, it's also about community! AbbyBank has provided many contributions to community projects, encourages our employees to be active in the community and has formed strong partnerships with many of the local schools, organizations and non-profits. We are not only proud of the commitment to the communities we serve, but also the economic impact as a local community financial partner.