Overdraft Protection

AbbyBank offers two overdraft solutions that allow you to protect yourself from overdraft fees. Life happens, feel safe knowing you won’t be caught off-guard again. 

Automatic Transfer Service

Avoid overdraft and insufficient fund fees as well as possible negative effects on your credit score by utilizing AbbyBank's automatic transfer service. For example, you can link your savings1 account to your checking account for automatic transfers to avoid an overdraft. 

  • Transfers in $100 increments (based on available funds)
  • No repayment necessary
  • Fee only applies if a transfer occurs2

Overdraft Protection (ODP) Account

Link a checking account to a pre-approved line of credit3 that will automatically transfer available funds to your checking account to avoid an overdraft.

  • Transfers in $100 increments (based on available limit)
  • No daily or per transfer fees4
  • Repayment required plus interest

Unsure which overdraft solution is right for you? Ask a Personal Banker to go over the options available to you. 

We have your best interest in mind and do everything we can to protect your funds and your future. If you're struggling with overdraft fees, it may be time to speak with a Personal Banker to help you set goals while managing your spending habits. Utilize our other digital banking services, such as eBanking or Mobile Banking, that make it easy to check your balance daily. You can also set up balance alerts available through text, email, or online banking, to let you know when your account balance falls below your set threshold. If your account is about to overdraw, you can avoid an overdraft charge by making a deposit the same day within regular banking hours to avoid the overdraft. 

For more information on avoiding overdraft fees, visit our FDIC Consumer Assistance & Information page.

1Certain account types have transaction limitations; please speak to a Personal Banker to determine whether transaction limitations apply.
2A per transfer fee applies.
3All ODP accounts are subject to credit approval.
4An annual fee applies.