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Mobile Wallet for your AbbyBank Personal Debit Cards

Upgrade your wallet and take your banking to the next level with AbbyBank’s Mobile Wallet. Mobile Wallet allows contactless payments at participating retail merchants, in-store, in-app or online. This is a secure and more convenient way for you to pay for goods and services. If your phone is in your hands, so are your eligible debit cards. It's complimentary to add your AbbyBank debit card to your Mobile Wallet when you have an AbbyBank Personal Checking, Health Savings, or Business Checking account. 

easy like finger snapping Simple Setup – Time to swap out your wallet

It's quick, easy, and free to add your AbbyBank debit card to your mobile wallet on your compatible mobile device. Once your card is verified, you're ready to shop. 

padlock icon in a shield to show security  Secure Payment – Your debit card digits stay safe

Your card number is not stored on your mobile device. When you make a purchase with your Mobile Wallet, there is a unique token that is used to transmit your payment so that your card information and your identity are never shared with retail merchants.

checkmark icon in a circle to show convenience Convenient Shopping – Change how you shop

Use your mobile device to make purchases anywhere mobile purchases are accepted using either Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. Mobile Wallet is faster than other forms of payment and accepted at many retailers. Simply hover your mobile device over the terminal and Voilà!

Quick Tip: To know if Mobile Wallet is accepted, just look for this icon contactless payment symbol for mobile wallet next to the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal. 

Get started

Just download the appropriate app (if it is not already installed on your mobile device). If you do not have these apps on your phone, you can download them from the Apple Store or Google Play store. Next, follow the prompts to add your AbbyBank Debit Card information. When checking out at participating merchants, open your mobile wallet and choose your AbbyBank Debit Card. Hover your mobile device over the terminal and enter your passcode if needed. That’s it!

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AbbyBank’s Mobile Wallet gives you a quick, contactless, and easy way to make in-store, in-app or online purchases using your mobile device. It securely stores your AbbyBank Personal, Business or Health Savings Debit Card in one place on your mobile device rather than using a physical card.

You can use Mobile Wallet at participating retailers online, in app or in store. You will want to look for the Mobile Wallet icon to know if it is accepted. When shopping in-store, you may also have to ask the cashier at checkout to be sure.

Mobile Wallet is a safe and secure way to shop. Mobile Wallet uses a feature called Near-Field Communication (NFC) which is a wireless data transfer that allows your mobile device to share data when you’re in close proximity. Merchants won’t be able to view your card number because it is encrypted and it is not stored on your device, so your information is safe.