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It was the wish of the Abbotsford community to have it's own bank and so the AbbyBank opened on March 1, 1968. Our purpose was to provide independent, community-based financial services to Abbotsford and the surrounding area.

AbbyBank has grown from employing two people to over 75 employees. Since 1968 several renovation projects have taken place, including an addition to the east side in 1980, the addition of the second story in 1986, and the remodel to create more offices for growth in 2012.

As AbbyBank prospered and grew, the Board of Directors wanted to return part of the profits to the surrounding communities that had contributed to its success. The Abbotsford Story, Inc. was formed in 1985 as a charitable foundation through which such community contributions could be made. Many donations have been made to local schools, emergency and public services.

Just as the bank was founded to provide Abbotsford with independent, community-based financial services, our decision to open our first branch office was founded on those same principles.  The Wausau office of AbbyBank opened for business on August 3, 1998. With the Wausau financial community subject to several mergers and acquisitions, the timing was right to expand our services into that market. As the Wausau metropolitan area continued to expand, so did our bank with the opening of our Weston office on January 16, 2006.  On February 4, 2013, the AbbyBank Wausau location moved to our new building on 18th Avenue on Wausau's West side near ShopKo and County Market.

In November, 2003, the bank's official name was changed to AbbyBank from the original name of Abbotsford State Bank.  AbbyBank was chosen as a name that would grow with us as we meet the expanding needs of our customers and the communities we serve.

As a community-owned bank, we have a responsibility to support the community. We provide many contributions to community projects, encourage our employees to be active in the community and have formed a strong partnership with many of the local school districts. In 1993 our bank was honored as the first Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year.    Another honor given to the bank was to be named a charter member to the Abbotsford School District Wall of Fame in 1995 as a Friend of Abbotsford Education.  We look forward and will continue to be a community partner to enhance the true community spirit!

Last Revised: October 02, 2013

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