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The Abbotsford Story Contribution Policy

Contribution Objective

It is the objective of the Abbotsford Story, Inc. Charitable Foundation to provide donations that will enrich, create or support existing community projects where the benefit derived from the contribution will aid the greatest number of citizens possible. Contributions should further enhance the standard of living or education of the receiving community.

Contribution Policy

Contributions are to be used to provide funding for

Contributions from the Foundation are limited geographically to the trade area as designated in the Community Reinvestment Act Policy.

The Grantee submitting an application to the Foundation must demonstrate present or future fiscal responsibility.

All charitable requests must complete the Abbotsford Story, Inc. grant application.

All donation requests will be acted upon semiannually after the third Monday of March and September. Specific dates may be obtained by contacting AbbyBank at 715-223-2345 or 800-288-2229. All requests must be presented to the foundation by March 1st or September 1st to be considered at the next meeting.

This contribution policy shall be made available to all who shall seek a donation request from the Foundation.

This policy adopted by the Board of Directors of the Abbotsford Story, Inc. on the 20th day of June, 2006.

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