Digital Receipts for Business

AbbyBank offers a leading-edge receipt management tool that will help you track your cash flow and be audit ready! Save and manage your receipts all in one place and eliminate the mess of faded receipts overstuffed in envelopes or folders. Digital Receipts provides Business Mobile Banking users with an easy, convenient and secure way to track receipts, manage expenses and reconcile statements. 

secure padlock icon Secure Storage - Turn your phone into a receipt scanner

Capture any receipt, anywhere-just take a photo or forward your email receipts. Your receipts and tax-compliant images will be securely stored in the cloud. 

digital receipt data conversion Data Conversion - Automatically extract the details

Transforms your receipts images into categorized data. Export receipt details into expense reports, spreadsheets, or PDF's. 

file folder icon Powerful Organization - File expenses with ease

Choose how to categorize your receipts, whether it's for office supplies, meal or travel expenses. Add notes and tags to your expenses and search for them as needed. 

receipt and magnifying glass for reconcilation Automatic Reconciliation - Superpowers at your fingertips

Receipts link to your card transactions and break the transaction out into SKU-level items so you can see exactly what was bought not just spent. 

Get Started!

You must be an AbbyBank customer and have eBanking and Mobile Banking before you can utilize Digital Receipts. Login to your AbbyBank Business Mobile Banking app. Choose the "More" option and then "Receipts" in the menu options. Once you are in, you can capture and store receipts, tag expenses, extract data and so much more! Don't forget to create a dedicated email This allows you to email digital receipts directly to your app!