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Business Loans

Business & Ag Loans*

AbbyBank has experienced lenders that will take the time to get to know you and your business needs. Being a locally owned bank, we understand the business needs and challenges you have and will work quickly to offer and recommend our best products and services for your situation. Call a Commercial Lender today to help you make great financial decisions!

Fixed and Variable Rate Commercial Loans*

Commercial Business Loans can be used by new or existing small businesses used for the purchase, expansion or refinancing of a business. Types of commercial loans are manufacturing, service industries, retail, commercial and residential real estate development, etc. Fixed rate commercial loans have a rate that is locked in for the term of the loan, normally one to five years. Variable rate loans are tied to an index rate with the loan rate fluctuating whenever the index rate changes. Loans can be secured by real estate, fixtures, inventory and accounts receivable, etc. AbbyBank will work with Small Business Administration (SBA) loans when applicable. Find your local Commercial Lender to discuss all of your options.

Commercial Revolving Line of Credit*

Normally established once per year for a certain amount, these loans can be drawn against or paid anytime during the year. These loans are normally required to be revolving in nature and paid to zero at least once per year. Find your local Commercial Lender to discuss all of your options.

Agricultural Loans*

The agricultural industry is the backbone of Wisconsin, and we are proud to support area farmers and agricultural businesses and families since we opened in 1968. AbbyBank's Agricultural Lenders are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to the farming and/or ag industry. Let our knowledgeable staff help you make sound financial decisions to make your business a success.

AbbyBank offers Agricultural Real Estate Loans, Agricultural Personal Property Loans and Revolving Line of Credit to help your Ag business succeed. AbbyBank will also work together with other farming programs, like FSA, SBA, Farmer Mac, etc. to allow you to get the best pricing and financing available. We can also establish Milk Check Assignments so the loan payment comes directly to our bank from the milk company. The payment is deducted from the milk check proceeds either monthly or semi-monthly. This automatic payment option ensures that loan payments are made on time. Contact one of our knowledgeable Ag Lenders today.

FREE Financial Business Forms (some forms require Microsoft Excel)

Personal Financial Statement
Agricultural Financial Statement
Rental Real Estate Schedule & Schedule of Indebtedness
Consent to Disclosure of Tax Information

Loan Calculators

*All AbbyBank loans are subject to credit approval.

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